The British Hourigan Family Tree (of Thomas and Barbara Charlotte Ann (née James))

[Thomas' siblings: Mary Jane (Jenny) and Michael] Thomas + Barbara [Barbara's siblings: William and Charlotte]
  had three (four*) children:  
John, Maurine and Winifred

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1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
John (RIP) m. Margaret Moulton (RIP)        
John (Margaret) Melvyn Hourigan m. Shirley Brain      
  Melvyn (Shirley) Kyle Hourigan m. Claire Parsons    
    Kyle (Claire) Leonardo Hourigan  
      Ruby Hourigan  
    Faye Sieracki m. David Sieracki    
    Faye (David) Stefan Sieracki  
      Frank Sieracki  
Peter Hourigan (RIP) m. Susan Walker      
  Peter (Susan) Mark Hourigan m. Caroline Whittaker    
    Mark (Caroline) Harry Hourigan  
    Mark Hourigan <> Sarah Clayton    
    Mark (Sarah) Nathan Hourigan  
      Joss Hourigan  
    Simon Hourigan    
  Jacqueline (Jane) Clarke m. Michael Clarke (RIP)      
  Jane (Michael) Anna Clarke m. Christopher Redman    
    Anna (Christopher) Seth Redman  
      Isla Redman  
    Robert Clarke    
  Jane (Russel Hamilton) Karen Clarke m. Daren Hanks    
    Karen (Daren) Declan Hanks  
Maurine (RIP) m. Frank Gold (RIP)        
Maurine (Frank) Alan Gold m. Audrey      
  Alan (Audrey) Jonathan Gold m. Emma    
    Jonathan (Emma) Hannah Gold  
      Katie Gold  
    Timothy Gold m. Gabby    
    Timothy (Gabby) Aimee Gold  
      James Gold  
    Alison m. Paul Smith    
    Alison (Paul) William Edward Smith  
Ian Gold m. Celia      
  Ian (Celia) Tracy Aldhouse m. Robert Aldhouse    
    Tracy (Robert) Kristen Aldhouse  
      Allana Aldhouse  
      Poppy-India Aldhouse  
    Karen Gold    
  Ian (Pat) Graham Gold    
Winifred (RIP) m. Leslie Smith (RIP)        
Winifred (Leslie) Martin Smith m. Nathalie Poncery      
  Martin (Nathalie)      
  Martin (Pauline Dyke) James Smith m. Stephanie Waltho    
    James (Stephanie) Emilia Smith  
    Claire Setrem m. Phil Setrem    
    Claire (Phil) Poppy Setrem  
  Neil Smith m. Vivian      
  Neil (Vivian) Christopher Smith    
    Dean Smith    
    Chloe Smith    

Table Legend:

m. = Married to name
<> = A partner (be it a live-in, common-law or seeing relationship), but not married
bold = A blood-line member of the Hourigan family
underline = When clicked, the coloured hyperlinks in the table reveal a photograph (not necessarily the latest) of that person.

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